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Florida Waterblasting is your best choice for surface prep solutions.

Our team of highly qualified employees offers a wide variety of services and experience to get your concrete flooring project, pressure cleaning, coating removal surface prep finished quickly and to the highest quality.

We specialize in CLEAN solutions with minimal dust and mess. 

Surface Prep/Coating Removal

Florida Waterblasting can handle a wide variety of substrates, ie. VCT,Carpeting, Ceramic Tile, Coatings and Paint. Restoring your surface to as close to original condition as possible.

Spinjet Surface Prep

Florida Waterblasting surface prep
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surface prep services

The rotary action of the Spinjet high pressure water blaster will removing old flooring, ship deck coatings, highway stripes, runway rubber, and more....even concrete scarification.

Waterblasting is the fastest, most economical and cleanest method in many cases to remove unwanted coatings, adhesives and paint. Not only are the coatings removed, but the high-pressure water will also seek out and expose bad concrete, clean out cracks, and provide an excellent profile to which the new coating can adhere. Ultra high-pressure waterblasting is the answer.

Floor Scraping

Florida Waterblasting T-2100
Our equipment will scrape up old tile, carpet, epoxy and more. A quick and precise way to prepare concrete flooring for resurfacing. With the use of our power scraping equipment, we can access almost any area. Our equipment is elevator accessible, propane powered for safety and can scrape within 1/2" of walls. No batteries to charge! Since it is electric it can work in businesses that need perfectly clean air.
Surface Shotblast

Florida Waterblasting shotblaster

Environmentally friendly way to remove many coatings, adhesives. No harsh chemicals needed. By using steel beads that are in a self contained unit, attached to a huge vacuum the process is clean, quiet, and effective.

Shotblast applications:
PREPARATION for application of Cementitious Underlayments
PREPARATION of Industrial Floors
REMOVE paint stripes
REMOVE coatings
CLEANS pavers and concrete tile
PARKING garage decks
REMOVE tile and carpet glue
BRIDGE decks
PROVIDE non-skid safety surface
SURFACE is ready for immediate application of coatings or toppings
MINIMUM down time


Waterblasting Benefits

High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting is an economic and environmentally safe way to clean, maintain, and ultimately extend the life of your capital equipment investment

Water Blasting leaves virtually no residue behind as would a chemical based cleaning process

Water Blasting is dust free and does not promote air borne contaminates

The impact on other critical areas is minimized• Removal of multi-layered coating systems is possible

Cleaning of specific areas is possible without harming the surrounding areas

Water Blasting is extremely gentle and will not distort or change the physical property of the surface

There is no damage to sensitive areas, such as welding seams and connecting joints

Lower cost for disposal of material

Cleaned surfaces are contaminant free and ready for re-use


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